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This is the English translation of an interview originally published in French on Journal du Japon.

DÉ DÉ MOUSE (a persona built on the initials of his civil name, Daisuke Endo, and his nickname « Mouse » – not to be confused with deadmau5, then) is an artist representative of the Japanese EDM scene. Though, he’s still not that well known outside of Japan, even if he managed to get a featuring with Anamanguchi from the US. A multi-faceted artist, he is confortable both with electronic musics and more conventional ones like jazz. With dream you up, his 6th album, just released, DÉ DE MOUSE has been invited by La Magnifique Society, as a part of the Japanese program of the festival.

I meet with him the day after his first and very energetic set. Despite being 38, he welcomes me with the shiny smile of a playful teenager. The interview begins in English, and will switch between this language and Japanese during the whole dialogue.