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This is the English translation of an interview originally published in French on Journal du Japon.

For its first edition, La Magnifique Society welcomed multiple Japanese artists as part of a specific program. Among them was Suiyoubi no Campanella (also known as Wednesday Campanella outside of Japan). After some performances at SXSW, Budokan and a lot of festivals all over Japan and Asia, KOM_I, Hidefumi Kenmochi and Dir. F, the three members of the band, favored us with 2 shows in the bucolic setting of Parc de Champagne, in Reims.

After these 2 shows, KOM_I granted me an interview. She greets me with a copy of Les Inrocks, commenting the cover of the magazine announcing the return of Twin Peaks. She welcomes me in French, stating: « Je m’appelle KOM_I, de Wednesday Campanella, enchantée ! » (My name is KOM_I, from Wednesday Campanella, nice to meet you!). I take a deep breathe and start the interview.