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This is the English translation of an article I originally wrote in French for Journal du Japon. If you speak French, please check it out too.

With the recent release of their new EP Galapagos, and their recent shows in France this summer – first at La Magnifique Society, in Reims (Champagne), then at Les Eurokéennes, in Belfort (Franche-Comté) – I thought it was time (and a good thing) to ask this question: what is Wednesday Campanella?

Let’s be clear here 2 minutes. Last year, I’ve been immensely lucky to interview their frontwoman, KOM_I. But in the end, it was more a very nice chitchat on stage performance, upcoming projects, inspirations and so on, and I didn’t really explained why WedCamp was so great, how it was changing the way music is done in Japan (and why not the world) and why you should all listen to it. Fortunately, I’ve been able to interview KOM_I once again, in Reims. She was dressed kind of like a R’n’B singer from the early 2000’s (a silky leopard pattern chocker around her neck and little blue glasses on her nose) and I thought it was wonderful.

So let’s get to know Wednesday Campanella.